Team 4471
Team Captains 
Project Manager    -  Scott Matranga aka Matt Rango
Mechanics           -  Gabey Gottlieb
       Community Outreach     -  Daniela Renjifo
       Electronics           -  Eli Gottlieb
       Programming         -  Joaquim Feit
       Spirit                     -  Cherry Sharma
Web site Development   -  Kyle Crosen
Photogrpahy   - Frankie Cruz

Advisor     -     Deb Houts

Build Mentors/Programming Mentors  - 
Chris SChubert, Jose Chacon, 

The SPARTRONS Robotics is more than a robotics team.As we are enter our fourth year, the team and its partners are continually working to promote STEM and FIRST, teaching students new skills and creating a thriving organization. The entire team has worked continuously to develop a plan for success in the future. We are moving that plan forward.
The SPARTRONS Robotics Team helps inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and promotes STEM as fun and rewarding and a pathway to a rewarding future.
To accomplish this mission, the team undertakes activities in three primary areas:

Outreach                                                  ​          
Mentor Elementary and Middle school
Demonstrate robots 
Distribute STEM Information/Resources
Provide Community Service 

Compete in FIRST
Develop Technical Abilities
Develop Desing Processes
Develop Programming Skills
Build a Robot
Maintain Safety

Enhance Personal Skills
Communicat eefectively
Raise Funds from Sponsors
Manage Team Finances
Plan for Future Success